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Educazoo has been featured many times on television. You can follow our explorers on screen.

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TV reports

Corn snake

Corn snake,

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  • Animation and education services with domestic and exotic animals for all types of events.
  • Educazoo is first and foremost a sanctuary (shelter mission) for domestic and exotic animals. 

    Sanctuary or Shelter ? 
    Educazoo is above all an animal sanctuary, because our mission is to provide an adequate habitat for animals throughout their life. Educazoo also acts as a shelter by welcoming abandoned exotic animals.

    Opting for Educazoo is a way to promote animal welfare. Thank you for contributing to our heartfelt mission !

Missions / Goals

  • Educate and increase awareness so that everyone acts responsibly towards animals.
  • Provide opportunities to come into contact with many different species of domestic and exotic animals in a safe environment.
  • Animal sancturay (shelter mission) for more than 600 exotic animals. 

Our animals 

Our refuge is home to more than 90 different species for a total of over 500 animals. 95% of our animals are rescues.

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Educazoo is made up of a team of more than 30 passionate animators and a fleet of 13 vehicles ready to meet with you anywhere in the Province of Quebec.

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TV Reports

Educazoo has been featured many times on television. You can follow our explorers on screen.

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Our team
Animator during animation


A word to wise parents and educators
For the welfare of animals and the safety of your children when planning events involving animals, we suggest you keep in mind the obligation for animators to hold the following permits.


  • Permit from the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks
  • Permit to hold animals in captivity
  • Permit to exhibit animals


  • We hold public liability insurance
  • Our Exotic Animal Veterinarian is Dr. Manon Tremblay
  • We have ties with Environment Canada for items seized by CITES
  • A permit from the Canada Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to keep and work with giant snails from Madagascar


  • To animate public events with exotic animals. The holder of these permits must ensure that animals are in good health and that the conditions of their captivity are beyond reproach.
  • Items seized by CITES were the fruits of poaching (ivory, python skins, furs, marine turtle shells…) We present these items provided to us by CITES during our animations in order to increase young people’s awareness of the importance of animal conservation.