Éducazoo, proud to be a
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 for more than 20 years! 




Joanie Asselin

Owner & biologist, M.Sc.

An eternal lover of animals, Joanie developed her knowledge by completing a bachelor’s degree in biology and then a master’s degree at the University of Montreal as part of a biological study for the Ministry of Transport.   

Still involved with *Éducazoo, she has honed her ability to popularize science by presenting research at several conferences around the world.

In 2016, she became the owner of the family business after more than 15 years of employment. Her passion for animals, combined with education as well as biology, leads her to develop about 30 themes to support teachers. These teachings from the Ministry of Education guides are now used by primary and secondary schools as well as by vocational training.

Following numerous entrepreneurial achievements, she won two awards during the entrepreneurship contest, the public vote and the woman entrepreneur of the year.


Having the animal cause at heart, Joanie continues to share her knowledge of the animal kingdom through scientific articles and television interviews on Radio-Canada, TVA, Télé-Québec, Canal-D, Canal Vie, etc.


Over the past few years, Joanie has helped to increase the sanctuary’s mission by welcoming more than 400 animals at the Terrebonne sanctuary, 200 at the Quebec City sanctuary and more than a hundred exotic relocations via social networks.



« Happiness is to make your passion your profession! »

- Joanie Asselin, owner and biologist of the sanctuary, M.Sc.


Sylvain Asselin & Danielle Vanier



« The joy of working together is priceless! »

- Sylvain Asselin et Danielle Vanier, founders of the sanctuary.


Histoire d'Éducazooau fil du temps















Zoomobile enr. is born! Sylvain Asselin and Danielle Vanier create their company whose mission is to make people aware of the need to behave responsibly towards the animal kingdom.

Zoomobile enr. becomes Educazoo Inc. The mission remains the same: to ensure animal welfare and educate people about the animal kingdom.

At the age of 14, Joanie Asselin wins Karv the anti-gala for her passion for animals! An interest that runs in the family!

The MRC pays tribute to Educazoo for its contribution to the economic development of the MRC of l’Assomption.

  • The first Educazoo franchise is launched in Quebec City by a passionate Jean François Martel
  • Educazoo inc. wins the “Distinction Entreprise de Service 2008” award at the Pierre-Legardeur-Repentigny-Charlemagne Chamber of Commerce Gala.
  • Educazoo hires more than 10 animators who will cover the North Shore territory.
  • Joanie Asselin takes over the reins of the family business. 
  • The collaboration between Les Naturalistes and Educazoo is born. 
  • Educazoo wins 2 prizes at the 17th Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest: 1) Femmessor Lanaudière: Joanie wins this award for her success and for standing out as a businesswoman. 2) Popular vote: public vote among the companies that stood out the most.
  • Creation of the Youtube channel: Éducazoo inc
  • Creation of a new sanctuary of more than 5000 sq. ft. in Terrebonne. See the article
  • Educazoo inc. begins touring remote areas to spread the mission throughout Quebec.
  • Educazoo begins animal day camps, specialized camps where young people experience a scientific camp focused on the biology of species. 
  • Receipt of a certificate of recognition presented by Jean-François Lisé (MNA for Rosemont–Petite-Patrie) to Joanie Asselin, owner and biologist at Educazoo.
  • Vision Gala Award: Emerging Entrepreneurship. Joanie Asselin has distinguished herself over the past 2 years and wins this prestigious award.
  • Educazoo inc. joins forces with other partners to form the new “Cercle des Champions de l’enfance” of the SODECT (Société de développement culturel de Terrebonne). This is a two-year partnership that supports SODECT’s youth programming so that even more young people can be exposed to arts, culture and heritage. 
  • Educazoo enhances its services by offering a fully online service, making the animations accessible across the country and internationally. See the article.
  • Start of our virtual activities in Canada! Educazoo is now animating in Alberta, Ontario and has also done an animation in France !
  • Educazoo receives accreditation from the Culture in the Schools program for our science-based educational activities that support teachers. 
  • The @educazoo inc Facebook account reaches over 10k subscribers!
  • Educazoo wins the Femmessor grant that allows the construction of rooms entirely dedicated to virtual animations at the Educazoo Inc. sanctuary. 
  • Digital revival project. Educazoo receives financial support from the “Fonds C and” the “Fonds d’aide au développement du milieu” of the “Caisse Desjardins du Réseau municipal”.   See the article
  • Creation of a TikTok account @educazoo and gain of 85K 

Our sanctuary with shelter mission 

Our large family of passionates

It is through activities of all kinds and the discovery of our wonderful companions that they demystify the myths of the animal world while reconnecting people with the nature that surrounds us. In addition to passion, it is without a doubt the respect for animals and their well-being that motivates each member of our beautiful team !


Sanctuary Educazoo Inc.

Located in Terrebonne, our shelter is home to more than 400 animals (more than 80 different species).

The Educazoo Head Office team now has more than 35 animators who share their passion and knowledge with you.

See the shelter


Sanctuary Educazoo Québec city

Located in Québec city, our shelter is home to more than 200 animals (more than 60 different species).

The Educazoo Quebec city team now has more than 15 animators who share their passion and knowledge with you.

See the shelter