Our animation services

Virtual and/or on the road !


Virtual Animation

Interactive educational capsules !

  • Get together : Get the bubble groups together!
  • Fun and interactive : Screen sharing, exchanges with the animator, etc.! 
  • Multi-visit package : Receive multiple visits!

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Animation on the road 

Complement to face-to-face teaching !


  • Covid-19 : Follows government policies: See the Educazoo policy !
  • Learning while having fun : Safe and ethical handling of exotic species !  
  • Educational : Team trained and supervised by certified and experienced biologists ! 

Guide to educational and/or recreational activities

Vary your learning with our educational activities!


 Our activities target the learning progression guide to complement your teaching.

Our activities are part of the program : ''Culture à l’Ecole''!

Preschool Primary School Secondary School School Daycare Extracurricular program



Cegep, University, Specialized training:
Contact us for customized themes developed by our sanctuary biologists.

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Also possible
for the holidays!



  • Back to school: integration activity, class activity, etc. 
  • Halloween: Meet our scariest animals! Several levels of scares: see here
  • Christmas: Techniques used by animals to resist cold temperatures.
  • Valentine’s Day: Seduction techniques in the animal kingdom.
  • Easter: Include chicks and ducklings in the regular selection
  • End-of-year party: reward activity, school activity, carnival, funfair, fairground, etc. 


Our virtuel service

Private animation on Zoom — Educazoo only for your group ! 

  • Fun ! Presentation adapated to the age of the group.
  • Deversified : Presentation of exotic species.
  • Interactive : Games and sharing screen.
  • Educational : Targeted question periods. 
  • Professional : Our naturalist animators are trained and supervised by experienced biologists.


You've never seen animals so closely !

Thematic : Thematic activities guide
Preschool Primary School Secondary School School Daycare Extracurricualar program


Prix : Hourly pricing. Special pricing if you book more than one tour (multi-visit).

Inclusions :

  • Access to Zoom Professional Software
  • Works on all types of media (tablet, computer, etc.)  

Choosing Éducazoo,
is encouraging animal welfare!


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The pricing of our visit depends on the area and the time spent on your installation.

Contact us to build your customized scenario!

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