Visit to the Terrebonne Sanctuary (Educazoo Inc.)

Sanctuary not open to the public!

Educazoo can come visit you on the road! Our services



Visit details 


Tour Times:

Tours are offered at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. daily. 

Saturdays and Sundays sometimes offer more time slots!

(The schedule on holidays or school/spring breaks is often extended due to high demand).


$16.99 for adults 13 years and older

$11.99 for 3-12 years old

$2.99 for 0-2 years old

$49.99 for 2 adults and 2 children.


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Book a private animator 

It is possible to reserve a private animator, for $62.99 in addition to the cost of admission.


Group Reservations

In order to get an estimate to visit us with your group (school, daycare, daycare, etc...), write to us at: info@educazooqc.com mentioning the number of participants and the desired duration on the premises, we will then be able to build you a customized scenario! 

How to find us and plan a visit ? 

We are located at 421C route 138, Saint-Augustin de Desmaures, G3A 2S7.


The sanctuary is located in the basement of the National Bank and Canada Post.

The entrance to our premises is located at the back of this building, in the same parking lot as the Maxi. 

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