We offer many themes to stimulate childhood development!


Wildlife day

For a first positive experience!


The duration of the presentation and the number of species presented is adapted to each age group. Here are the ideal activity durations:

  • Infants: 15 to 20 minutes
  • 18 months - 2 years: 30 minutes
  • 3 - 4 years: 45 minutes
  • 4 - 5 years: 1h00

Our large team allows us to animate with several animators simultaneously for daycares with several facilities.   

Guide of activities



Multiple visits

For the development of chilhood!


Receive Educazoo several times a year! One of the few activities that is interesting for all age groups! 


On the program, meet different animals and themes on each visit. 

With a diversity of more than 80 species, it’s far from being repetitive! 


Holidays of the year

Because there is never too many reasons to celebrate!


  • Valentine’s Day:
    Seduction techniques in the animal kingdom.
  • Easter:
    Include chicks and ducklings in the regular selection!
  • Halloween:
    Meet our scariest animals! Several levels of scares are possible: Click here! 
  • Christmas:
    Techniques used by animals to resist cold temperatures.

Announce our visit 

Print our posters to announce the arrival of Éducazoo at the daycare.

Our virtuel service

Private animation on Zoom — Educazoo only for your group !


Fun ! Our animator animates according to the age of the group


  • Présentation d’espèces exotiques
  • Jeux interactifs et périodes de questions ciblées.
  • Animation dynamique : danses, chants, etc.
  • Partage d’écrans !
  • Dessin après l'activité
  • Bricolage avant l'activité : chapeau animal à porter pendant l'animation.  

You will never have seen animals from so close !

Thematic : Activity Guide : Click here !


Price : Hourly rates. Special rates if you book more than one visit (multi-visit).


Inclusions :

  • Access to Zoom Professional software
  • Works on all types of media (tablet, computer, etc.)

Member of AQMFEP ? 

Educazoo is proud to support private educational daycare by offering a 15% discount on any educational activity in order to offer everyone the chance to receive a diversified quality education.
* Promotional gifts : members can also benefit from a small gift following our visit for only $4 per item.
Choices: Placemats, color-changing glass, or flashlight.

Supporting education accessible to all, an important objective for the team!

Web site of AQMFEP 


Choosing Educazoo,
is encouraging animal welfare!


see our animals

The pricing of our visit depends on the area and the time spent on your installation.

Contact us to build your customized scenario!

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