Wildlife Day 

Receive Educazoo for a special day!  


It is possible to offer more than one activity in the same day for each group.


Duration: 45 minutes to 1:30 a.m. per activity. Number of activity per day : 1 to 4 periods for each group.


Our large team allows us to present several activities at the same time in several locations for camps with large capacities.    

Thematic Activity Guide: Click here



Multiple Visits 

For an amazing summer!


Receive Éducazoo several times during the summer. On the program, meet different animals and themes all summer long! 

Duration: 45 minutes to 1:30 a.m. per activity. 

Number of activity per day : 1 to 2 periods per day.


With a diversity of over 80 species, it’s far from being repetitive and it's ideal for kids who re-register from week to week !

Multi-visit packages


Specialized Animal Camps

For the real passionate! 


If you wish to offer a specialized camp with the theme “Animal”, Éducazoo offers several variations. The duration of the camp can vary to suit your budget. 


Duration: 2h00 to 3h00 per day.
Number of days: 3 to 5 days a week.


This specialty is ideal for true passionnate who want to become little explorers!




List of specialized camps that offer the Educazoo specialization! 

See the list of day camp

Coming soon for 2023 ! 

Our virtuel service

Private animation on Zoom — Educazoo only for your group !

  • Fun : Presentation adapated to the age of the group.
  • Deversified : Presentation of exotic species.
  • Interactive : Games and sharing screen.
  • Educational : Targeted question periods. 
  • Professional : Our naturalist animators are trained and supervised by experienced biologists.


You've never seen animals so closely !

Thematic : Thematic activities guide :  Click here


Prix : Hourly pricing. Special pricing if you book more than one tour (multi-visit).


Inclusions :

  • Access to Zoom Professional Software
  • Works on all types of media (tablet, computer, etc.)  

Choosing Éducazoo,
is encouraging animal welfare!


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The pricing of our visit depends on the area and the time spent on your installation.

Contact us to build your customized scenario!

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