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Questions to ask yourself:


1. What is the theme? 

It is possible to adapt the selection of animals to your theme. 

2. How many participants do you expect ? 

The number of participants influences the scenario you choose and the number of animators you need.

3. Are there other activities going on at the same time? 

Éducazoo is very “attractive” and often one of the most popular activities. If you have a few activities going on at the same time, it may be a good idea to book more animators, as Éducazoo has a “magnet” effect and attracts lots of crowds! 

4.  Can we do the activity outside? 

Temperature above 18 °C = Yes*

Temperature below 18 °C = No (activity in a heated space or indoors.) 

* The selection is revised on the morning of the activity to ensure the comfort of the animals..

Kiosk Spaces



Educazoo has a great deal of expertise in the design of kiosks. 

Since every event is different, we have 3 possible sizes!

  • Naturalist animator competent, smiling and above all, passionate about animals. 
  • Your choice of decoration: Safari, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc. 
  • Animal handling controlled and supervised.
  • Constant education and awareness with the public. 
  • Animators dressed (1 or more) in safari-explorer style. 

The Small Stand

You wish to have a fixed space dedicated to the handling of animals that can serve from 0 to 150 guests, this package is ideal!



  • Decoration : Educazoo banner, tablecloths, decorative tree, descriptive cards on the species and habitat of the animals.
  • 4 to 5 different species (between 5 and 6 animals).
  • 1 naturalist animator or more. 

Space and material required 
- Minimum 10′ × 10′. 
- 2 tables of 6 to 8 feet. 
- If possible: access to drinking water and an electrical outlet.
* No minimum duration.


The Animation Circuit

Do you want several mini-kiosks to direct your guests on a specific route? It's possible!



  • Several stand with theme: Reptiles, Birds, Mammals, Arthropods, Amphibians, etc.
  • Possibility to add a Photobooth stand.

The Kiosk 

If you are expecting more than 150 people and you want to impress them with a complete booth with an exotic flavour, this package is ideal: 



  • Decoration : Educazoo banner, tablecloths, animal habitat, animal parks available according to species and space, decorative trees, bamboo fence in the back, descriptive cards on species and large animal habitats.  
  • 9 to 10 different species (between 10 and 15 animals).
  • 2 naturalist animators or more. 


Space and material required  

- Minimum 20′ × 10′, ideally large.
- 3 to 4 tables of 6 to 8 feet.
- If possible : access to drinking water and an electrical outlet.
* Minimum duration of 3 hours.


Extras : you want more ? It's possible ! 
- Animal colouring activity* 
- Drawing of a gift certificate for a home party 
- Animation area and/or small ferret show 
- Canvas for exotic photobooth **
* including a draw of promotional items
**Educazoo does not take pictures: you can hire a photographer or let people take pictures with their own camera.



The Exhibition 

If you have a very large area to cover and you want to make a splash with a multi-day exhibition, this package is ideal! 



  • Decoration: Exhaustive decorations including multiple bamboo barriers and custom design to fit your space. Kiosk divided into several sections: parrots, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and others. Parrot park, mammal enclosure, wooden cages and large terrarium. 
  • 15 to 20 different species (25 to 30 animals).
  • 5 naturalist animators or more. 
  • Colouring activity including promotional item draws 
  • Animal presentations can be scheduled: ferret show including ferret race, parrot presentations and others.



Space and material required

- Minimum 20′ × 30′, ideally much larger
- 8 to 10 tables of 6 to 8 feet.
- Access to a secure room for additional equipment.
- Guardrail to delimit the access to the booth.
- If possible: access to drinking water and an electrical outlet
- Minimum duration of 2 days



Mobile animation

You wish to animate your group without having a fixed location?


Let our animators wander through the crowd to enhance your guests’ experience with an exclusive handling of several animal species. 

This package is ideal for: 

  •  Greeting people at the entrance.
  • Entertainment in the crowd. 
  • Entertainment in parks. 
  • Animation during cocktail parties.
  • Photobooth to make your photos exotic, but most of all memorable ! 
  • Launchings, etc.! 

Space and equipment required:

  • Access to a secure room in order to place the animals during their resting period and to allow a rotation of individuals during the animation.  
  • We take car of the rest, enjoy! 

Choosing Éducazoo,
is encouraging animal welfare!


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The pricing of our visit depends on the area and the time spent on your installation.

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