What are the animals presented during the animation?

During a regular presentation, we present a nice mix of species, both reptiles and mammals. Generally, under the theme Introduction to the animal world, we bring two lizards, one snake, two mammals, the ferret as well as another species (mollusk, arthropod, amphibian, bird, etc.).

Do you have cats or dogs?

Since we are a sanctuary for exotic domestic animals, we mainly have “NAC” or new pets. There are no cats or dogs at Educazoo. 

My child is allergic to fur, can he/she still attend the activity?

Our animals are considered non-allergenic, which means that at low exposure, the risks of being allergic are very limited. Therefore, your child can touch the animals without any problem. However, we will make sure that your child washes his hands between each species to limit the risks.

Is it possible to see only mammals and birds?

It is indeed possible to have the Feathers and Fur theme, which includes only mammals and birds. However, the time slots are more limited for this package. For weekend activities, the animation must take place before noon or after 5 p.m. and is currently not available on the South Shore of Montreal.

Can your animals bite?

All our animals are comfortable working on the road. They are also safe to handle. Thus, they will not tend to bite without reason. Our naturalist animator are there to assure the security of the activity. 

Do you have talking parrots?

We have several parrots. They can speak, but you should know that it is rare that they speak in animation because you cannot make them repeat everything you want, contrary to what you might think. It is therefore possible that the parrot that visits you will not say anything.

Is it dangerous to hold the snake?

All our animals are comfortable working on the road. They are also safe to handle. Thus, there is no danger of holding the snake on our neck during the presentation.

Can I make special requests?

It is possible to make special requests for certain species when booking an activity. However, it is important to keep in mind that we may not be able to meet all requests 100%, as the selection of animals is always made according to the needs of each individual animal and their life rhythm.

Can I choose the animals?

It is not possible to select all the animals that will be present during the activity since we follow the rhythm and needs of each individual animal. However, you can make special requests and we will try our best to respect them.

Do I have to see the snake?

It is possible not to see the snake in your selection of animals. You just have to mention it when you make your reservation.