How long before the activity do you arrive?

→ In institutions (schools, daycare centres, festivals, etc.) we arrive 20 minutes before the activity starts.
→ For home parties, we arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the activity starts.

Is it possible to do the activity outside?

Yes. However, the minimum temperature must be 18 degrees. If the temperature is below 18 degrees, the activity will not take place outside. That said, you must have a plan B if that happens.

Is it possible that you will arrive late?

We are well prepared and accommodating for any eventuality. However, since we are an on-the-road animation service, it is possible that something unexpected may happen. Please know that we will still respect the scheduled animation time.

Do you start at the exact time of the activity?

Absolutely. We start at the exact time of the activity in order to respect our end time.

Is it necessary to prepare a particular space for the animation?

For institutions (schools, daycares, daycare services, festivals, etc.), it is important to provide easy access for the facilitator. That said, it is a winning formula to have all the participants seated in a circle at their desks or in rows far apart from each other.

What payment method is accepted?

For institutions (schools, daycares, daycare services, festivals, etc.), it is possible to pay by direct deposit or by check. 

Do I need to provide a tip?

The tip is at your discretion and will be given to your animator directly.

Will it be possible to touch all the animals?

Our animations are focused on the handling of animals for all participants. However, some species are more fragile than others and this leads to limited manipulation. However, we make sure to present the species in a privileged way (ex: tree frogs will be presented on a transparent plate that everyone can share in order to see the species up close).

Do I have to provide parking?

Having access to a parking lot is a great favour to us as we have many transport bins and temperature sensitive animals. If it is possible for you to free up or reserve a parking space (e.g., with your car or a guest’s car), this will help us greatly. In the case of paid parking, you will be responsible for payment.