How many children can attend the party?

For an enjoyable activity for all, we recommend 8 to 10 guests. The more guests, the longer it takes before you get the animals in your hands.

Will my child be the star of the day?

Our naturalist animators will make sure that your child will be the star of the day by offering him/her privileges: assistant to the animator, taking the animals first, passing them to his/her friends, taking the animals twice, etc. 
Watch the explicatory video

What payment method is accepted?

For parties, payment is made by Interac e-transfer a few days before the date of your activity.

Is it necessary to prepare a particular space for the animation?

For parties, no special arrangements are required. Generally, a room such as a living room is sufficient. The only requirement is that everyone be able to sit down, preferably in a circle so that the animator can move around with the animals. 

How long before the activity do you arrive?

For home parties, we arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the activity starts.